German-Belgium Joint Issue for Christmas

Date of issue: 22th of november 2004

OBC/COB numbers :Memorial Card 3332/33HK

See also nr 3332-3333

Created by: Ernst und Lorli Jünger

Perforation: 11 1/2
Size: 210,00mm x 148,00mm
Composition of the sheets:
Printing Process: Screendeepprint
Number of plates: 1-2-3
Printing Run: Undefined
Paper: P8 ( see paper Types )

3332 € 0,44 Quadrichromy "Vlucht naar Egypte" - P.P.Rubens
3333 € 0,44 Quadrichromy "De aanbidding van de Koningen" - P.P.Rubens


Joint stamps Germany


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